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Shots from a Street Chair Portrait Artist

This post is by Diana Kolesnikova, who recently moved to New York City from Russia to attend graduate school at Columbia University. Diana is also a street chair portrait artist, and learned about the CoLab Radio Street Chair series through one of our pop-up show posters, which was hung at a bus stop near her school. Diana tells us why she photographs street chairs and shares some of her images from Russia and New York City with us:

My interest in shooting chairs in strange places (not only in streets) started two or three years ago when I saw a chair in a tree from the 7th floor of a building during my undergraduate studies. My classmates and I joked about it, saying that one of our professors was so angry that he had thrown the chair out of a window. Then I started seeing a lot of chairs in places where nobody would expect them to be and never had my camera to document the absurdities. One day during the winter in 2011, I decided that the absence of my good camera was not a sufficient reason to not take pictures and started to capture the chairs with my phone. I intentionally began searching for chairs in inappropriate places. To me, a chair became a symbol of somebody’s presence, somebody waiting, somebody who was missing. I still continue to photograph interesting chairs.


Near Columbia University in New York City

Diana 3_small

Near Perevedenovskiy Pereulok, 18, Moscow, Russia


126th St & Malcolm X Blvd, New York City


Ryazan, Russia at the Central Bus Station

Photos and post by Diana Kolesnikova

This post is part of the International Street Chair Pop-Up Show.

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