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in Waste Management Strategies in Coastal Nicaragua

Snapshot of Life in a Nicaraguan Dump Site

Waste pickers, Bluefields, Nicaragua 2011 from Erik Flakoll Alegría on Vimeo.

This short movie features the wastepickers of the Nineteenth of July Dumpsite in Bluefields, Nicaragua. The MIT Community Innovators Lab partners with D-Lab on a fall course where students collaborate with wastepickers, the UNDP, blueEnergy, and the municipality of Bluefields to develop waste management strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create enterprise opportunties for the women featured in this film.

CoLab also works with Rede CataSampa, the union of wastepickers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, developing and implementing waste technologies.

Post and film by Libby McDonald and Daniel Alegría.

2 responses to “Snapshot of Life in a Nicaraguan Dump Site”

  1. That’s a great snapshot of what life is like out there. Check out this link for another short video of trash pickers at the Bluefields dump:

  2. Amy says:

    Great movie, Libby and Daniel. These women are impressive. Really appreciate this intimate look into their livelihood.