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Snob Chair Stuck on Dumpster in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Snob in Cambridge Update_Final This space is ours to define as we would like! This photo is an update to this post originally published on October 25th. I took this photo on the night of October 26, 2011 right before the poster disintegrated in the rain and snow.

Snob on Dumpster 9_small Occupy this chair

Snob on Dumpster 7_small Do you know this Ibn Khaldun quote? “In the republics founded by nomads…”

Snob on Dumpster 8_small I love art but there is a difference between art and littering

Snob on Dumpster 2_small Take a break…I want to welcome you…I’m comfy…

Snob on Dumpster 6_small River Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Snob on Dumpster 1_small View from my dining room of passerby writing on poster

Snob on Dumpster 5_small The Snob Chair from Durham, North Carolina is now located at the corner of River Street and Pleasant Place in Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This post is part of the International Street Chair Pop-Up Show.

Installation and photos by Aditi Mehta

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