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Sound Sunday: “Ahhh lek lek lek lek!”

The “Ahhh lek lek lek lek!”song on Soundcloud

Sound Sunday: “Ahhh lek lek lek lek!”

After arriving in Embu das Artes, Brazil, we learned very quickly that we would not be able to avoid this song. “Aahhh lek lek lek lek!” became a local anthem after a couple of kids put together the catchy tune and dance. Cars blast it out of their over-sized stereo systems installed in their trunks, and teenage boys play it everywhere through their cell phone speakers while walking around. “Lek” (pronunouced “lecky”), is short for malek, which means boy or guy. Other than that, the lyrics are lost on me. Although we were really annoyed by the song at first, it grew on us substantially, and I think I’ll miss it when we come back to Boston.

Jardim da Luz, Embu das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil.

Post by Angela Hojnacki.

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