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Sound Sunday: Cold Water Kayaking in New Hampshire

Cold water kayaking on Soundcloud.

Sound Sunday: Cold water kayaking in N.H.

Melissa and Steve Mills kayaking on Newfound Lake in New Hampshire, October 2012.

I found a way to kayak in solitude: leave the city and go to a lake at a time of year when it’s too cold to swim, but too warm for snow. Get on the water early, before the motorboats are out. The amazing thing about kayaking alone is the silence. You’ll only hear your paddles dipping, and maybe the sound of your jacket or a bird.

I had to hold my iPhone in my mouth to record this. Later in the day I went out again with my father and stepmother. I snapped this photo of them.

Newfound Lake in Bristol, New Hampshire.

Post by Alexa Mills.

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