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Sound Sunday: The Rabbi Upstairs

The Rabbi Upstairs on Soundcloud.

Sound Sunday: My Neighbor the Rabbi

A young Rabbi lives in the apartment above mine. He paces the floor day and night. He always wears shoes. If I’m working from home and I hit a rough spot while he’s walking, I get up from my computer and walk with him. Why not?

Sometimes, I think, he has students come in. They sing and chant their lessons, or maybe he sings to teach them. I stand on my couch with my recorder trying to capture his voice and his footsteps. It never comes out clear enough, though.

One day I crouched in my stairwell and captured this piece of a lesson he was teaching. You have to turn your volume all the way up to hear him.

Back Bay in Boston, Massachusetts.

Post by Alexa Mills.

2 responses to “Sound Sunday: The Rabbi Upstairs”

  1. Sabita Banerji says:

    Beautiful! I love that your attitude to the sounds crossing the barrier from his apartment to yours is not to complain or bang on the ceiling with a broom handle but to keep step with his pacing and treasure/share his song.

    I spend my Sundays similarly happy surrounded by the music my otherwise very quiet and considerate downstairs neighbours play. It’s cheerful rock and roll that I wouldn’t normally play myself, but it gets me bopping, makes me feel cheerful and reminds me that I’m not alone.

  2. Alexa Mills says:

    Thank you! Yes, I agree. I love hearing all the neighbor sounds, especially music I wouldn’t play myself. That’s part of the reason I live in a city — to hear the people around me.