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Sounds from MIT's FAST Light Festival

Glowing orbs floating on the Charles River invite visitors to linger, chatting before an illuminated Boston skyline. Adults push kids in strollers and students link arms, snapping pictures. With art and lights, for two evenings the mood on MIT’s concrete campus shifts to a leisurely pace, filling with visitors anticipating summer.

Last weekend, the Festival of Arts, Science and Technology (FAST) featured over 20 art and architecture installations around campus, welcoming visitors for its 150th anniversary.

Here is a collection of sounds from Sunday evening:

Photo by Turlach MacDonagh on flickr.

Walking along the river, people talk in a mix of languages.

MIT Fast Light Festival 2011 – Many Languages by CoLab Radio

People make introductions.

MIT Fast Light Festival 2011 – Introductions by CoLab Radio

One toddler, caught up in the excitement, sings a little tune.

MIT Fast Light Festival 2011 – Baby Singing by CoLab Radio

Image by Chris Devers on flickr.

One couple stares at the projections on the screen (pictured above), trying to guess at what they are seeing.

MIT Fast Light Festival 2011 – Observations by CoLab Radio

Kaustuv De Biswas, a graduate student in Architecture, describes (video, below) how he and fellow student Daniel Rosenberg put together their light installation, Maxwell’s Dream: Painting with Light.

Stefanie Ritoper is a Masters in City Planning Candidate at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT.  With a background in community-based research and film, she is interested in increasing economic opportunities for diverse low-income communities and using multimedia tools to engage people in public processes.  She has long distance love for her hometown of Los Angeles.

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