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in Stories of Santa Fe: Streetside Tapestry

Street Art of Santa Fe

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Santa Fe, New Mexico is the City Different. It’s La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Assisi, a town of seventy thousand people at an elevation of seven thousand feet, a tourist destination and a high desert artist’s mecca. The oldest church in the country is here, made of adobe, as is the oldest seat of colonial government. There is the desert highway, urging speed. There is the seasonal trickle of the Santa Fe River. There are white-haired art collectors who’ve come from anywhere else to live here, and there are people who have always lived here, whose definition of ‘river’ is any water that runs, who have never seen the ocean but know which road to take up the mountain for a view without boundaries.

This series will profile the people and landscape of Santa Fe.

The first story, below, is a Tapestry. CoLab Radio is experimenting with Tapestry, a new platform that allows for the telling of succinct, paced and creative stories. Click anywhere on it to start and tap (if using a smart phone) or click to move forward.

Post, images and tapestry by Natasha Balwit.

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