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Street Chairs Save Broken Street Swing

Street Chairs and Broken Street Swing_small Salem, Massachusetts, U.S.A. (August 2011)

These chairs were found in The Point neighborhood, which is comprised of mostly Dominicans and Puerto Ricans. The area has a bad image and is deemed unsafe by Salem residents who do not live there. I have walked along this street several times and was always fascinated by this plastic soda crate embedded into the chain that divided the parking lot from the street and created a sort of urban street swing. Usually, there are no chairs, just the improvised swing. This time, when I walked by, I saw these two chairs brought in as the street swing had broken as evidenced by its immobilized state on the pavement! There is something so purposeful in the way the chairs are placed against a post. Perhaps the right post serves as the back for the chair that has no back. And why is the crate still there? Did I happen upon the scene shortly after the street swing failed?

This post is part of a photographic series documenting street chairs in different cities around the world.

Photo by Claudia Paraschiv

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