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Street Scenes of Istanbul


Fishmonger, Kible Cesme Street, March 2009 Fishermen tightly line the bridges of the city, hoping for a profitable catch or evening meal. This fishmonger shows off fresh catch.

Linda Ciesielski shares her photos from “Street Scenes of Istanbul,” an exhibit currently on view at MIT’s Rotch Library. She took these photos in March 2009 while on a trip for Prof. Antoni Muntadas’ class Dialogues in Public Art: The Space In-Between. During a cold morning walking tour with the class, Linda popped into a small shop for a cup of tea “to go”. When she returned to the street, the group was gone – and on a bus to a site outside the city.

“After a panicked run down multiple streets, I stopped and took in my day in the city. With a few lira I bought a map and spent the day exploring the city streets. The photos in these series are from my solo adventure through Istanbul, and show the people and colors of several neighborhoods.”

Linda Ciesielski is a recent graduate of the MIT’s Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning, where she received her Masters in City Planning with a focus in Environmental Policy and Planning. She received a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University in 2005. This trip was her first time in Istanbul. For further inquiries about the work please contact

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