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The Church of Holy Colors Hits the Road

The Church of Holy Colors

In October, CoLab Radio reported that a day in Gainesville, Florida is incomplete without a visit to The Church of Holy Colors.

Two years ago, local artists Evan Galbicka, Joey Fillastre and Felici Asteinza turned the former New Hope Faith Temple into a a collaborative art environment.  The space functions as an ever-changing floor-to-ceiling interior mural, working gallery, and recording studio.

Now the Church of Holy Colors is ready to take their immersive art experience on the road. It has been given the chance to spread its vision across the country through several important opportunities. From the Visual Artist Network residency in Miami, to an enormous mural commission at the Museum of Working Artists in Redhook, Brooklyn, the Church is planning a mural tour to share its art, music, and progressive ideologies everywhere on that 700+ mile strip of I-95 in between the two cities.

Because the Church has relied on reused and re-purposed materials since its inception, its members want to make the trip in a used school bus and run it on veggie oil.  Being able to travel in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner is integral to the Holy Colors vision.

You can participate by pledging to the bus on Kickstarter or sharing this link with friends.  Who knows, maybe CoLab Radio will get a letter from them while they’re on the road.

Watch this video to check out their space:

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