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The Donut Peach

JonBranstratorMITCoLab_small Jon Branstrator stands in a peach orchard on his 172-acre farm in Clarksville, OH. One of Branstrator’s popular peaches, the Donut Peach, produces fragrant and colorful flowers before the tree starts to bear fruit.

Located at 881 N. George Road, the Branstrator farm has been in operation since 1821. Jon took over the family operation 15 years ago and has since incorporated 50 acres of fruit and vegetables to the conventional corn and soybeans he grows. “When I moved back to the farm, I wanted to farm full-time. To do that, I either had to grow more grain or incorporate high-value crops. I’m glad I chose the latter.” Jon has since made a name for himself in Clinton County and southwest Ohio for his strawberries and pumpkins, and organizes farm festivals each year highlighting those crops.”

Post and photo by John Cropper of Wilmington, Ohio.

Agriculture remains the biggest contributor to the regional economy in Clinton County, Ohio. This series highlights actors in the county’s local food economy, from farmers and restaurant owners to community gardeners and food pantry directors.

The photographer, John Cropper, is a Clinton County native, a journalist at the Wilmington News Journal and a fledgling gardener. He came to CoLab Radio via Energize Clinton County, which “grew out of a citizen movement to broaden participation in economic development, and regain control of our local economy.”

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  1. Amy says:

    John, Thanks for shining a light on the people that sustain us. I’m really enjoying this series. Also the light on this photo is quite lovely. What a beautiful spring day.