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in Colombia, Urban Food Markets: Bazurto in Cartagena, Colombia

The Fish Market at Bazurto

Every day, students from UTB and MIT use Flip video cameras to record reflections on their experiences.  In the short movie below, Héctor discusses his 3:30 AM visit to Bazurto, followed by graphic footage of the fish market.

Diariamente los estudiantes de la UTB y los de MIT usan cámaras de video para grabar sus reflexiones sobre sus experiencias personales del trabajo del día.  En el video de abajo, uno de los estudiantes del equipo, Héctor, nos cuenta la experiencia de su visita al Mercado de Bazurto realizada a las 3:30 am, seguida por la memoria visual del camino del pescado en la plaza de mercado de Bazurto.


One response to “The Fish Market at Bazurto”

  1. Martha Bonilla says:

    Amazing work!!

    It is great that students are taking advantage of every moment for learning and understanding the incredible complexity of the relationships behind every fish we could eat in Cartagena. Thank you Alexa and Annya for creating today this great media, a great way for sharing our field work. Salud!