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The Guidebook: A Window into Khirkee

This post is part of the Portraits of Place series.

Our Urban Typhoon Team's Guidebook to the Unpaved Road in Khirkee Extension. Click Here to View the Entire Book.

This book was created by Anette Flygansvaer, Gislunn Halfdanardottir, Aditi Mehta, and Alisha Mody.  Alisha is a former management consultant previously based in the UK. She left the corporate world and is now focused on finding a socially entrepreneurial way to inform travelers about innovative initiatives in emerging markets.  Anette and Gislunn are both from Norway and work at the architecture firm Fantastic Norway, which is a studio engaged with building and site design, development strategies, and mobilization processes.

Please visit URBZ, Khoj, and Knowledge Live to learn more about Urban Typhoon.

Aditi Mehta received her Masters in City Planning from MIT in June 2010. This is the second Urban Typhoon workshop she attended. The first one she went to was in Koliwada in Dharavi, Mumbai. Her other series on CoLab Radio include Who’s on Broad and The Library and Society.

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  1. Alexa Mills says:


  2. Amy Stitely says:

    hi Aditi – beautiful book. wondering what is going to be its use?

  3. Aditi Mehta says:

    Thanks for the comments – and good question about the book’s use. The book’s design and writing was modeled after “real” guide books and tour maps. We initially thought we could print a whole bunch and leave them at hotels in New Delhi to bring more people to Khirkee, since the Extension seems to be forgotten in the City. But, then we thought maybe that is not something that community members would want or appreciate and we really had no business taking it upon ourselves to do that. One of the team members, Alisha is trying to start a sustainable tourism business in India and I think the book will help her pitch her business model to partners. Also, Khoj Studio, the artists’ cooperative in Khirkee will use the book to help them further brainstorm how to approach the City government as they continue to try and build a sustainable future for the unpaved road.