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The Lonely Twilight of Street Chair's Unexpected Second Life

Like the chairs in the poster, left to face an unlimited future, forgotten at last in the rubbish pile of a forgotten street, the poster repeats the process in the window of The Green Earth health food store. Put up with tape it caused a certain wave of interest from passers by, but at last it has lost its visibility.  Pedestrians pass by without even looking. Inside, edges begin to curl, rip a little under the tape, begin to turn color, face the ravages of old age and loneliness. The poster hasn’t been destroyed, but like the chairs it is left over, simply diminished and without meaning.

Post by Dorothy Bloom of Oneonta, New York.

This post is part of the International Street Chair Pop-Up Show.

4 responses to “The Lonely Twilight of Street Chair's Unexpected Second Life”

  1. Alexa Mills says:

    One of the funny things about the chairs is that people can see themselves in them. Every chair I photographed seemed (to me) to be lost and looking for his home, or arrived at home. A black woman who photographed chairs that looked like black women to her. One of the photographers, a true romantic, found chairs in pairs that she identified as in love, in a fight, or an old couple.

    Anyway, thanks for such a nice description of the chair poster.

  2. dorothy bloom says:

    Thank you for recognizing that need people have for projecting themselves and their humanity on just about anything.

  3. louie says:

    nice post

  4. Aditi says:

    Thank you for such a lovely description of the street chair poster. It’s nice to know that at first it attracted attention – I guess everything has its moment. I hung my poster in Central Square in Cambridge, and felt like it was taking on the identity of a counter-culture artist with the type of graffiti it attracted and the way the corners curled and withstood the snowstorm.