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The Sounds of Summer in Berlin

Part I: In Berlin, June 21 doubles as both the Summer Solstice and as the city’s unofficial music day. In some neighborhoods bands and independent musicians play in corners and along cobblestone streets. In other neighborhoods, bands play live or recorded music from inside their apartments. This audio portrait profiles Wrangelstr., the heart of the Wrangelkiez (my neighborhood) in Berlin’s popular Kreuzberg district. Regardless of the source, it’s a lively way to welcome summer after yet another harsh winter.

The Sound of Summer in Berlin, Part I by arroyojc

Part II: More sounds from the Wrangelkiez Block Party on the Summer Solstice (2011).

The Sound of Summer in Berlin, Part II by arroyojc

Post by John Arroyo.

One response to “The Sounds of Summer in Berlin”

  1. Stefanie says:

    This is so awesome, John! I especially love your reactions to the Berlin airport. I’ve never been to Berlin, so have no idea what you’re reacting too, but I love imagining it. You should post your pictures somewhere too!