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The Year of New Energy

Coal Miner and the Mountains. Photo by R.L. Mullins.

2010 has been a year of realization, realization there is more to life than destroying my health and wasting my potential in the darkness of a coal mine. Realization there is more to life than money and objects. These realizations came at great costs to me and my family, yet through them we are now building a better life, one full of love and health, of values and strength. As we progress beyond the many prolific changes we faced in 2010, we cannot help but look forward to a brighter future, a future where coal no longer dominates our lives.

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2 responses to “The Year of New Energy”

  1. amy stitely says:


    I too look forward to a future where coal no longer dominates our lives, but then I read about China and I wonder… where are we headed as a global society?

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring and raw stories with us. I truly admire your courage to choose health over money – two assets that should not be in conflict. You are an excellent writer. And I hope 2011 reveals new paths and opportunities.


  2. amy stitely says:

    Another China-US coal article from yesterday’s Washington Post: