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The Year of United Nations, Polis and CoLab Radio

Image courtesy of NASA.

Despite that the United Nations and Polis entered in my life towards the end of 2009, I feel that they are essentially part of 2010. The United Nations, Polis and CoLab Radio experiences are interlinked, feeding each other in different manners. Polis and CoLab Radio have been a great opportunity for reflecting, writing and debating about urban planning and related issues.

I also feel great about being part of an international group of excellent professionals and academics, who I now consider friends. Working for the United Nations in Latin America for the first time (after Vietnam, India and Spain working in quite different type of jobs) has provided me very interesting topics to write about in Polis and CoLab Radio. I always see my jobs as learning processes and writing is helping me consolidate such learning. Polis and CoLab are also helping me stay updated in regards to current urban development approaches and trends. Moreover, being part of these two blogs has made me realize there’s a whole lot to learn in the coming 2011 about the young, fast urbanizing world we live in.

Post by Jordi Sánchez-Cuenca. This post is part of the 2010 Year in Review series. Anyone is welcome to submit a post by emailing with your text and image.

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