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The Year of Vision

Although well past the 2000 mark, this year feels like a century-esque turning point for Kentuckians For The Commonwealth (KFTC) and our grassroots work in Kentucky. Our members across the state are brimming with messages about their visions for their communities and for Kentucky and spreading the word about how change is not only possible, but that it’s happening, now. KFTC leaders made the decision to form the New Power Political Action Committee for the 2010 election – a totally new area of work for our organization. New Power gave voice to our vision, on the internet, radio, television and in newspapers. The advertisements started with “We are Kentuckians…” and indeed we are. We aren’t the most voices most frequently heard out there because we’re ordinary people without deep pocketbooks. But we do have a extraordinary vision and we’re gonna get there.

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