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There Will Be No Irish Pennants

“Discipline organizes an analytical space.”

from Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison by Michel Foucault


Field Day Inspection.

Windows shut blinds open half-mast.  Sinks will be bleached, faucets are to be pointed outward, and aligned.[1]  The toilet paper roll will be full.  The shower handle will be left facing directly down towards the shower floor. Waste basket will be empty, cleaned out with no stains or markings, set between the secretary and the window, where the front corner meets, farthest from the door.

Beds will be made showing eighteen inches of white; six beneath and twelve above the fold.  The ends will be neatly tucked at a 45 degree angle.  One pillow will be folded once and tucked in the case.

A shoe display will be at the foot of the bed and will consist of one pair of jungle boots, one pair of combat boots, go-fasters and shower shoes, in this order.  All laced left over right.

Each lock will be fastened on each locker and secretary, all set to ‘0’.

Inside one wall locker, hanging up there will be: one all-weather coat, one woolly pully sweatshirt, one service ‘A’ blouse, two long sleeve khaki shirts—pressed with the arms folded inward, four short sleeve khaki shirts, three cammie blouses, two pair of green trousers, three pair of cammie trousers, and one pair of dress blue trousers, in this order.

All shirts will be pressed and buttoned up.  All trousers will be pressed and folded over.  All clothing will hang facing right.  All hangers will face inwards, separated uniformly by one inch.  On the shelf inside the locker, starting at the inner most edge, there will be six green skivvy shirts and three white skivvy shirts—folded into six-by-six squares, six pair of underwear folded three times, six pair of black boot socks, folded once.

The markings will be last name, first name, middle initial, stamped on white tape, no ink spots or bleeding.  All collared shirts will be marked centered on the collar; on all trousers and belts on the left inseam, upside down so when folded over they read right side up.  On all underwear markings will be centered along the rear waistband.  On all socks markings will be on the top of the left sock.  All covers will be marked on the inner left rim.

On top of the wall locker covers will be placed, from left to right as staring at the wall locker, one barracks cover with service skin, one piss cover, one utility cover—pressed and without Irish pennants.[2]

Irish pennants are not permitted.

Stand up straight.  Arms to your side, thumbs along the seams of the trousers, shoulders back, chin up.  Heels and knees together, with feet pointed outwards at a 45 degree angle.

Eyes.  Click.

Ears.  Open.



 Post by Justice Castañeda.

[1] Two faucets in each barracks room.

[2] Irish Pennants are loose threads or strings coming out from the stitching.

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