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Touring Collaborative Housing in Berlin

Berlin has a tradition of alternative culture, squatting, and collaborative housing, especially after the fall of the Wall. While redevelopment and rebuilding efforts have drastically changed the city’s urbanism, many of these co-housing projects continue to thrive. Many of these projects are featured on the Institute for Creative Sustainability’s (id22) Creative Sustainability Tours, such as this one in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg kiez (district).

Touring collaborative housing in Berlin by CoLab Radio

Post and recording by John Arroyo. John is currently working at the Institute for Creative Sustainability (id22) on an MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) fellowship.

Audio Portraits is an experiment on CoLab Radio. Through periodically posting sounds, we are trying to understand what makes a sound interesting and how it contribute to a better understand of community and physical space.

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