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in New Orleans, Who's on Broad? (The Broad Street Story Project)

Who’s on Broad Media Map

Over the last year, CoLab Radio featured eleven digital stories about small businesses in New Orleans, all located on Broad Street.  In collaboration with the University of New Orleans Department of Planning and Urban Studies Main Street Task Force and the CoLab NOLA Fellows program, the non-profit organization, Broad Community Connections was able to develop an interactive media map that includes these stories.  The map also highlights other places through pictures and history that make up Broad Street.


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4 responses to “Who’s on Broad Media Map”

  1. Stefanie says:

    Aditi, I love this! What did you guys use to make it?

  2. Aditi Mehta says:

    Hi Stefanie! I didn’t actually make the map. Brian Baldwin, a web developer and designer created it. His contact information is on the site if you wanted to ask him some questions.

  3. Brian Baldwin says:

    Hey there Stefanie, the project was made with Adobe Flash. It’s a pretty easy application to use, but costs a bit.

  4. Stefanie says:

    That’s great… I have to learn Flash. Next on my list.