Take a look at the best images from CoLab Radio posts and series.

The Year is  Blur2010: The year that went by in a blur. Photo by Peter Sigrist.

An introduction to Carlos’ world of diagrams. Click on the diagram to see it full sized.

Lawrence Practicum, Sprint Three: Final Public Meeting and Reflections

MIT Student Najah Shakir presents findings on the foreclosed property surplus to community members and officials in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Photo by Jeffrey Juarez.

Digging Through Trash In preparation for doing a waste analysis in Nicaragua, students analyze law school trash. Photo by Angela Hojnacki.

Khirki Show 1 A photography and storytelling exhibit outside of Khoj on the final exhibition day. From the Khirkee Village series, which is part of Portraits of Place. Photo by Aditi Mehta.

Video Screening 1 The public screening of the video along the unpaved road in Khirkee Extension. From the Khirkee Village series, which is part of Portraits of Place. Photo by Aditi Mehta.

Miami Urban Think Tank: A New Kind of Civic Space

A Miami Urban Think Tank meeting. Photo by Jennifer Siquiera.

Irma Mejia: Green Block MavenIrma Mejia, second from right above, and her family were the first people on Gay Street to have their home weatherized since Green Block efforts began there this Fall. Photo by Ninya Loeppky.

Sister Safiyah's North Philadelphia Community Garden, November 2010Sister Safiyah's North Philadelphia Community Garden, November 2010

“We don’t lock the gate. We say a prayer over it and keep going,” said Sister Safiyah as she led me out the community garden she keeps on her property in North Philadelphia. Photos by Sister Safiyah Abdullatif.

“Workers, don’t vote” says the writing on the wall, signed FAI. Photo by Federació Anarquista Ibérica. This is from the Casas Baratas of Bon Pastor, Barcelona series in the Portraits of Place project.

Khirki Village View of the homes in Khirkee Village from the top of the Khirkee Mosque from the Khirkee Village series. This series is part of Portraits of Place. Photo by Aditi Mehta.

Parade in downtown BiddefordA 1950s parade in downtown Biddeford, Maine, from the Biddeford, Maine: Roots and Routes post. This post is part of the Portraits of Place series.

EarthskeepersThis photo is from Access to Storytelling and the Earthkeepers of West Philadelphia. Photo by Anne Whiston Spirn.

Coal Miner and the Mountains. Photo by R.L. Mullins.

Shoko_Final_Small Children participating in flood management drills in Thailand. Photo by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center.

Waste Pickers_Small Waste pickers in Sao Paolo sorting through trash. Photo by Sebastiao Ferreira

THESISFinalSmallBlog_Smaller An event to collect books for soldiers at the New York City Public Library during WW1, 1918. Source: Jones, p. 1

Not Hiring_Small A construction site in the heart of Wynwood circa Winter 2007, discourages locals from inquiring about employment. It is one of the many signs (literally and figuratively) that the demand for jobs has far outstripped the supply, and that the neighborhood cannot support its’ inhabitants generational survival; it no longer provides the means for their “social reproduction.” Photo by Marcos Feldman

Baby_Small Part of the $urviving the Middle Class series. Photo by Christina Ruhfel

Who's on Newbury? Jeanne the Personal ShopperJeanne Curry Mooney, Boston’s preeminent personal shopper, shows her mother’s handmade needlepoint handbag. Mooney comes from a long line of stylish women. Photo by Aditi Mehta

colombiaWomen native to the coal-mining region of Colomia performed a traditional dance for their visitors from Kentucky. Photo by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

Disaster and Climate Change On the Ground: Perspectives from VietnamMorning on the Mekong River, An Giang Province, Vietnam. Photo by Shoko Takemoto

Grandpa's Shed

This is Libby McDonald’s grandfather’s house in Northern California.  Libby and her little brother (left) enjoyed their grandfather’s trash treasures. Photo from McDonald Family photo collection

Design That Matters: Meld MindsMekayla Beaver, Tim Prestero, and Neil Cantor meld their minds while considering the Design that Matters Kinkajou projector for nighttime adult literacy.  Photo by Dave Gandy of Design That Matters.

Harrison Street_EditSmall This is a photo of a mobile book van in Boston’s Chinatown on Harrisson Avenue in the 1900s. Notice the sign and shelved books at the back of the car. The sign reads: “Why Read Good Books? Learn More” and is accompanied by a series of flags representing all the immigrants that live in the neighborhood. Source: Boston Public Library

KarinPost1 Fresh catch! This grocery store is just one establishment in South Philly’s “New World Plaza” which offers specialty grocery stores, Pho restaurants, Buddhist apothecaries, karaoke bars, salons, banks and other community-run businesses. Photo by Karin Brandt

Carlos Club House_small This is a photo of Carlos LeBlanc’s Club House at the corner of Broad and Bayou in New Orleans. Carlos says this is a place for hardworking people, and that most of the men that hang out here have been doing so since they were sixteen. Photo by Aditi Mehta

photo_smallMemorial for Oscar Grant in Oakland, California. Photo by Dayna Cunningham

photo2_smallImage of Oscar Grant in Oakland, California. Photo by Dayna Cunningham

Laura2 Historic window and door frames are being stored inside the structure for possible reuse in a New Orleans home. Photo by Laura Manville

Boy collecting water at a tap stand at a refugee camp in Ethiopia. Photo by Christophe Chung

Due to lack of rain during the rainy season this year, farmers in Laos are unable to plant their rice. Photo by Shoko Takemoto

Participants in the Pathways to a Green Career Program enjoy a game of basketball outside Beloved Community Center after a long day of work. Photo by Demetria Ledbetter

“The Los Angeles River. Yes, Los Angeles, yes America, there is a Los Angeles River. And it is grand. It is long. It is powerful,” ~ Patt Morrison, Author, Rio L.A., Tales from the Los Angeles River. Photo by John Arroyo

Friends Cafe in Camden, NJ. Photo by Gayle Christiansen

Scene from an urban market in Cartagena, Colombia. Photo by Shoko Takemoto

It’s 6:00 in the morning when we step out of the bus and crowd onto a sidewalk near Bazurto. Birds at sunrise in Cartagena, Colombia. Photo by Lina Garcia