You understand something because you’ve lived it.

“It started Monday morning when the principal announced that a 16-year-old student in our academy had been shot and killed on Sunday night.”

– Tom Smith, Teacher

“At 2:46 p.m. on March 11th when the 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, I was walking down the streets of Kamakura, an old city one hour away from Tokyo, with my sister.”

– Shoko Takemoto, Japanese Citizen

“Many people may wonder why I have switched sides, why I have gone from a coal miner to, well, a person interested in preserving the environment.”

– Daniel Hawkins, Coal Miner

“I was lucky enough to be at home in Egypt during the revolution.”

– Hossam El-Asrag, Egyptian Citizen

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This page is dedicated to Professor Marilyn Jacobs Gittell, a longtime member of the doctoral faculty in Political Science at the City University of New York.  She passed away on February 26, 2010.  She was a renowned scholar, inspiring teacher, and highly respected social activist. Marilyn was best known for saying things like, “That’s bullshit! I want to know what the community people think,” when ‘experts’ talked too much.

CoLab Radio hopes to uphold Marilyn’s ideals: a person who experiences a policy, place or event has something important to say about it. Send us a blog post in your own voice from your own place.

To learn more about Marilyn Gittell’s work, check out these publications:

Gittell et al. Limits to Citizen Participation: the Decline of Community Organizations. Beverly Hills, California: Sage Publications, 1980.

Gittell (editor). Creating Productive Schools in a Just Society: Strategies for School Equity. New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University, 1998.