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in Greening Greensboro: The Beloved Community Approach, North Carolina

Beloved Community Center Gets Ready for Gardening Season

Last Friday we headed out to East White Oak Community Garden site. We wanted to take a look at our planned layout and get more accurate measurements before purchasing our materials for the summer. We  made a few modification to the plan.

Stan Corbin, our Master Garden volunteer from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Office was on hand to help us with design and bed placement.  He’s wearing the green shirt in this picture.

The guy on the right is Orrin Bynes. Orrin is interning as a Community Organizer at Beloved Community Center. He is also the liaison to the communities we are working with to establish gardens, and is primarily responsible for recruiting young folks that have enrolled into our Pathways to Green Career program.

Find out more about our philosophy of community gardening at Beloved Community Center in this short movie:



We have been able to expand our gardens significantly this year, and will be tracking their progress here on CoLab Radio.

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