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CoLab Radio is radio!

First of all, Happy Pride Month! Second of all, CoLab Radio became radio this week!

WMBR Studio A

Photo credit: Keri G. / MITAdmissions

The show, currently called CoLab Radio on Air, went live at 8pm EST on Wednesday, June 6th, on WMBR, MIT’s student-run campus radio station. I’ll share more about this little summer experiment in the future (hint: it’s shaping up to be an extension of CoLab’s MIT-based global platform for self-determination stories), but for now, here’s the audio from the episode and some show notes.

Show Notes

This episode had:

  • a lot of music, entirely by queer people and (mostly) about cities/suburbs,
  • a conversation with Natalia Mosquera, CoLab’s local consultant for our Colombia work,
  • a poem, and
  • more music.

Check it all out below. The playlist can also be found here on Track-Blaster.


Until next time…

PS – The show already has three fans! Thanks for your encourage words Galen, xraysaims_artist, and the anonymous human who called after the show with some great feedback!

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