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CoLab Radio wants YOU

This fall CoLab Radio is offering an opportunity for five people to each plan and curate a significant series for the site.

The guidelines for the series are as follows:

• Your series can be about one specific place, or about one of the many topics related to city planning.

• You can propose taking over CoLab Radio for one week with your posts, or plan a series of posts over the course of two months (October and November, 2011).

• Your series should include multiple contributors. If you want to document a specific neighborhood, you should find a way to include perspectives of people living there. If you want to use the space to vet a planning issue, you should recruit multiple perspectives on that issue.

• CoLab Radio encourages blog posts and series that have an in-person component, such as a neighborhood event or public exhibit.

• Your series can take any media form or use multiple forms, including: photography, writing, audio interviews, sound portraits, video, maps, drawings, et cetera.

• CoLab Radio welcomes proposals from people of all backgrounds, interests, locations, and sectors.


Please send your series idea to by Tuesday, September 20th. Write “Fall Series Proposal” in the subject line of your email. Please describe your concept and then answer these questions:

1. Do you want to take over a week of CoLab Radio, or produce a series that unfolds gradually during the fall?

2. What place or topic will you focus on?

3. What media do you plan to include?

4. Who will contribute to your series or what is your plan for recruiting more than one voice?

5. Tell us a bit about your interests, work, and background.

This is a paid opportunity.

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