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Donald Trump is President-Elect of the United States: What are you listening to? 

It’s been a couple of weeks since much of the world woke up to the reality that Donald Trump will (as far as we can see) be the president of the United States. There’s a lot to say and a lot of work that needs to be done… but if you’re like me, you like to work to music.

Earlier this week, Camilo, a CoLab staff member tried something different by opening our CoLab team meeting with Ella’s song. My collaborator and close friend, Ross, has been building monthly collaborative playlists with his friends for a couple of years now. My old director and friend, Danielle, is running a life visioning program called Infinite Growth and she has prompted the building of a collaborative playlist among our cohort.

At CoLab, we believe in the power of knowing in multiple ways. Thought and intellectual knowing is what the Western world (and MIT) tend towards. Over the last two years, CoLab Radio has explored sound and audio as a way of knowing a place in a few different iterations (Listening to the City) and we’ve learned some pretty incredible things.


Image by William Stitt.

So what are you listening to? What music has been in your ears for the last week? What songs are keeping you hopeful or grounded? What tracks are supporting your sadness or resistance?

How to contribute

Leave a comment below or send an email to (subject line: ‘November 2016 Soundtrack’) with the following four things:

  1. Name of the song or album (please only send one)
  2. Artist(s) name(s)
  3. Up to 100 words about how you’re connecting with that music in this moment OR why the music is important to you (100 isn’t many so make them count!)
  4. (Optional) A link to an online version of the song that can be shared


  1. Holy
  2. Jamila Woods
  3. Growing up Black in America means you’re pretty familiar with hate. Often it’s implied and indirect. In the last year, the explicit and direct hate has ramped up pretty significantly. Trump’s rhetoric has made space (especially in the media) for some things that have been beneath the surface the whole time. The chorus in Holy starts out with the line “Woke up this morning with my mind set on loving me.” Woods reminds me that no matter how much hate is generated, self-love is a must and it’s critical to start the day there.

One response to “Donald Trump is President-Elect of the United States: What are you listening to? ”

  1. Hana says:

    Song: 7 Seconds
    Artist: Youssou N’Dour featuring Neneh Cherry
    Why: I feel all humanity in this song. The 7 seconds after a child is born, unaware of the world around him. “…and when a child is born into this world it has no concept of the tone of skin is living in…” It is an old song, but has many views just recently. Listen to it loud, their voices are BEAUTIFUL. I also love the B/W video, makes me happy.