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It's CoLab Week on CoLab Radio

Eight of us at CoLab came together last week to write a series of personal blog posts explaining what we do at CoLab, why we do it, what it means to us, and what questions we have.

We are doing this because we want to talk with our community in a public forum.

So often, when we (CoLab staff) talk about CoLab Radio, we talk about audience.  Who is the CoLab audience? For this series we set that question aside, replacing the word audience with the word community.

Who is the CoLab community? The CoLab Community is a group of people from both communities and the academy who want to work together to develop knowledge and ideas for the future of cities and towns.

This is what you can expect from us this week:

Monday 3/29: Dayna Cunningham and Uyen Le on Outsiders & Insiders

Tuesday 3/30: Annis Sengupta and Carlos Espinoza-Toro on The Complexities of Collaboration

Wednesday 3/31: Amy Stitely and Alexa Mills on Where Decisions Come From

Thursday 4/1: Martha Bonilla and Sebastiao Ferreira on The Future of the University

Friday 4/2: Goodness!  We didn’t plan that far in advance!


Photo by Sebastiao Ferreira.

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