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Media for Movement Building becomes Season 1 of CoLab Radio: The Podcast

Photos from Mary Ellen Welch's

Photo Credit: Sophie Kazis

After a lot of hard work and post-production, the audio pieces from the Media for Movement Building course are finished! You can check them all out via our Soundcloud playlist, but they’re also here for your convenience. Thank you to Marie Choi, Nse Umoh, ZUMIX, MIT-SUTD, all of our guests and interviewees, all the participants, and everyone else who helped make this possible.

Episode 1 – Luis Bravo

Producers: Mariel García-Montes, Jordan Frias, Lesly Monroy

Episode 2 – Carlos Rojas Alvarez

Producers: Dawry Ruiz, Priyanka deSouza, Maureen White, Justin Rose

Episode 3 – Mary Ellen Welch

Producers: Kannan Thiruvengadam, Sophie Kazis, Kate Telma

Episode 4 – Matt Cameron & Marelyn

Producers: Natalie Gyenes, Mika Kanaya

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