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Media for Movement Building: Day 2

Today we met at ZUMIX, in East Boston. We started the course by listening to an episode of Radiolab, The Fact of the Matter. Then we did a critique and narrative power analysis (courtesy of the Center for Story-Based Strategy) of the piece.

Madeleine, co-founder and executive director at ZUMIX, then met us and took us on a van tour of the neighborhood. Along the way, we picked up 8 trays of family-style dinner at Angela’s on Lexington St.

Media for Movement Building Tours East Boston

Our group at the Madonna Queen of the Universe Shrine in Orient Heights in East Boston.

When we finished the tour, we met our two ZUMIX participants for the first time and welcomed three dinner guests, folks who work and/or live in East Boston. Our guests, Mauro, Manlio, and Matt, ate with us, shared a little about each of their East Boston work, and had an informal question & answer discussion.


Our group having dinner at ZUMIX.

After dinner we had a little work time and some groups had long conversations with our guests.


One group talking with our dinner guest, Manlio. 

For the last 30 minutes of class, we (including our guests, Mauro and Matt!) listened to the last 15 minutes or so of this piece from Apex, 2/28/13 Kao Kalia Yang and Radiolab’s Yellow Rain. It was an interview with Kao Yalia Yang, a participant in the Radiolab piece we listened to earlier, that made space for Kalia to speak her story, experience, and the fallout from the Radiolab interview.

Resources shared in class:

Battle of the Story

Other resources mentioned today:

All photos by Lawrence Barriner II.

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