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Media for Movement Building: Day 3

Today was all about preparing to do interviews on Thursday.

We started out with grievances (which we ran out of time for on day 2). Then we did a quick discussion of the key differences in the elements of story between Radiolab’s Yellow rain piece and the Apex piece (2/28/13 Kao Kalia Yang and Radiolab’s Yellow Rain). We discussed how the differences impacted the story and surfaced the differences in the values of the media makers.

Next we learned about different types of interviews and the elements of which they are made.


From there, we relocated to our computer lab for the week and got into the details of learning how to prepare for an interview. We discussed how to do prep research, create a central question, develop an interview road map, and how to play the roles of producer, engineer, and interviewer during the actual interview.

We split up in our groups and got to work doing the things we just learned about. After a break, we gave each group ideas and feedback about their interview plans.


Finally, we practiced interviewing a little more by doing a roleplaying activity. Each interviewee played the part of someone who had some particularly difficult behaviors (the behaviors were given to them in a sealed envelope) and we tried to help each other troubleshoot how to still get a good interview.

We closed out the class with planning logistics for our big interview day, some final questions, and grievances.

Resources shared in class:


Optional readings:

All photos by Lawrence Barriner II.

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