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in Media for Movement Building

Media for Movement Building: Day 7

Today’s class started, like the last couple of days, with everyone getting right to work. Most groups seemed a little crazed, but everyone was excited to be getting close to the finish line (whether or not their audio was “finished”).

Several groups did their tracking (recording the voices of the host or hosts after the interview) and everyone started making their fine edits. Tracking proved to be pretty tricky. Turns out it’s harder to sound natural than one would think while reading a script. Groups also got a lot of support from Marie who supported people by showing some of the very technical details of mixing audio. She clearly loves this stuff.

We learned how to use multiple tracks to include ambient sounds, music, and room tone. Most groups will likely just have voices in their pieces because of the time crunch!

The energy at the end of class was adrenalized and exhausted. We closed the day out with grievances, announcements, and planning for our final course session. We brainstormed a list of topics to discuss during our final open discussion time and wrote thank you cards for our interviewees.


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