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One goodbye and one hello

Open Road

Today, CoLab is saying goodbye to one of our team and hello to a (temporary) new addition.


Nse Umoh Esema is moving on this week. She has enjoyed working with CoLab Radio contributors from around the world to be able to tell and share their stories, reflections and projects. 

“I’ve really loved my time with CoLab Radio. Creating a space for lifting up stories from the margins, experimentation and reflection has been a blast. Media and storytelling are powerful tools for planners looking to advance social justice in their work and I’m excited to continue to use these tools in other planning work I’ll do.”

Nse is moving on to do work focused on building resilience in African cities, especially Lagos, Enugu, Accra, Paynesville, Durban, and Capetown. As a Nigerian-American who became a planner in order to help make Nigerian cities more equitable and just, she is excited for this next step. You can reach her at her MIT email address,, until January. After that, please get in touch with CoLab if you’d like to reach her personally.


Lawrence Barriner II is joining the CoLab team from November through February. He’ll be leading CoLab Radio, co-teaching an IAP course on Media for Movement Building, and paving the way for the next leader of CoLab Radio.

“Ever since studying planning here at MIT I have loved CoLab’s work. I’ve connected with CoLab a few times in the past (including taking and teaching courses) and I’m looking forward to telling some powerful stories and helping others tell their stories more powerfully and strategically.”

If you’re doing work related to economic democracy, self-determination, or think you have a story that aligns with any part of CoLab’s mission, please reach out to him at

Lawrence will be holding office hours for CoLab Radio on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 2-4. From Nov 30th until March 1st-ish (except for Dec 1st) , you’ll be able to find him (or a sign telling you where he is) in CoLab’s office, 9-238.

Post text by Lawrence Barriner II and Nse Umoh. Image by David Marcu.

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