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Open Call: Sound Walks for Sound Walk Sunday

Sound Walk Sunday: 27 August, 2017 – a chance to globally celebrate outdoor audio, geo-located, immersive performances and sound (listening) walks. Designated to take place on the last Sunday in August.

Ten years ago when Web 2.0 and geo-located pieces were “new media”, networks / forums of producers and artists evolved and created directories and maps of content. Now that those things are mainstream and no longer ‘new’ media, the initial surge for cataloging has diminished. And yet, these types of media and mapping are more easily created than ever. Sound Walk Sunday could be seen as nostalgic, but we think it could—with the right ingredients—offer a popular platform for digitally enhanced walking experiences.

Monthly for the past 9 months, a Sound Salon has been convened in south London (UK) to which creatives and producers come to share ideas etc. From that has come a desire to encourage the public to try out “walking pieces” – not just as participants but also as producers themselves.  So my organization, the Museum of Walking, has designated Sunday 27 August as Sound Walk Sunday and we are looking for audio-enhanced ‘walking pieces’ or listening walks so as to create a directory and map.

We are searching out artists, performers and producers who have created audio walking pieces of their own or developed (deep listening) sound walks. Even if it is past and all that’s left is an archived piece (as even once new technologies, have become obsolete or rarely maintained) – we are hoping that there may be current work that could be tried out by the public on Sound Walk Sunday. We have set up a simple form into which various details can be included and if you are interested in contributing, you will find it here: If you are an artist or producer of such work and want to have people in the public try out your piece on Sound Walk Sunday, please submit!

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We are drawing on volunteer support at the present time. In due course we would like to have a ‘blue ribbon’ mechanism to crowdsource examples of “walking pieces” from around the globe. Presently we are using an online form and Google map with which to gather examples.  

We are considering making an Arts Council funding application here in the UK, and hope that our initiative will grow to have international appeal to funders or sponsors, but that would probably only kick in once the inaugural Sound Walk Sunday has passed.

We are looking forward to seeing what contributions come in.

A little bit about me (Andrew Stuck): For ten years I have been recording interviews with people who use walking as a core to their practice or who work to shape the environment to encourage more people to walk more.  These interviews I publish as a (free) podcast at I also founded the Museum of Walking an umbrella organisation, under which we co-create walking experiences and walkshops with like-minded enthusiasts –

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