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Postcard authors write a question and choose an image to go with it, then distribute the stamped cards at an event or through a series of meetings. Authors use the postcards to start conversations. People can answer in-person, online, or by mailing them in. CoLab Radio publishes some mailed-in postcards on this site.

Blogger John Arroyo inspired these postcards when he handed out blank maps of the Los Angeles River to his thesis interviewees, asking them to draw in their visions for the future of the River and mail the drawings back to him.

Any person, group, or institution can ask a postcard question. Email if you would like to make a postcard.

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How would you support your family on $13/hour or less?

How would you support your family on $13/hr or less? The photo on the front of this card was taken on Blue Hill Ave in Mattapan, a low-income neighborhood in Boston. Photo by Cassandria Campbell.

What are your biggest challenges in doing urban research?

The photo on the front of the card is a house in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami in the winter of 2006, at the height of a real estate boom that transformed the neighborhood. The image appeared in a blog post on this site titled Wynwood: Cleansing the Urban Canvas in Preparation for Redevelopment, by Marcos Feldman. Image available at full size.

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What are the greatest opportunities for change in cities?

The photo on the front of this card is a couch on the sidewalk along Broad Street in New Orleans. This photo is part of a series called Urban Chairs by Aditi Mehta. Image available at full size.

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What was gained and lost in the post-Katrina demolition of New Orleans public housing?

This post card, by Laura Manville, is a component of her thesis project on historic preservation in New Orleans.  Several people have responded to her question via U.S. Mail. This image is available at full size.