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Retired Gangsta Chairs

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A (August 2011)

It’s not uncommon to find tagging/street art in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood.  LA has a love-hate relationship with graffiti.  The powers that be have railed against graffiti for years and only recently have some (like LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art) begun to recognize it as a major cultural force of our time.

Still, I was surprised to step out of my apartment and see that within the course of one night with these sofas out on the curb, someone came along and branded them with a silver marker.  It’s like… really, on a sofa?  Now that’s gangsta.

It gives these retired sofas the aura of an old couple with a tattooed past, snuggling up against each other with a cigarette as the sun sets.

This post is part of a photographic series documenting street chairs in different cities around the world.

Photo by Stefanie Ritoper

One response to “Retired Gangsta Chairs”

  1. lsong says:

    Great post, Stef! Love the sofas and the mention of the MOCA exhibit on street art. Hope you’ll continue to blog about the many interesting cultural exhibits opening around LA. I’d say the contemporary art scene in LA is first rate among all the cities in the US, maybe even topping NYC these days, but you know I’m a proud Angeleno!