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Seeking Common Ground: The Women’s March on Washington and Inauguration Weekend 2017

Common Ground, a project focused on capturing diverse voices to spur empathy and dialogue, hit the pavement to capture stories from participants during the historic Women’s March on Washington and Donald Trump’s Inauguration.


Our idea was simple: How might we find common ground by listening to the very people who show up and participate in the political process? This weekend our team of collaborators — made up of a team of urbanists, planners, and creatives — planted ourselves in Washington to observe and engage in two days marked by protest and ceremony.


From a South Carolina Obama supporter turned Trump loyalist to an Ohioan searching for her community of resistance, we asked participants to reflect on a handful of common themes aimed at deepening our understanding of the current political climate through reflective conversation touching on identity, community and empathy.

Here’s a morsel of what we heard:

We’ll be sharing more of our stories with the CoLab Radio community in the weeks to come, in the meantime, follow us on Instagram for updates and photos from our field work. Or reach out to us if you’d like to get involved:

[Audio edited by Nse Umoh Esema]

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