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Soggy Chess Chairs Hanging Out in Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan_smallThe Soggy Chess Game Chairs poster was hung on the boundary wall of Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s shrine in Karachi. I thought it would be an ideal location to capture the essence of this city. The shrine, visible in the distance, is visited by pilgrims from across Pakistan coming to pay homage and more often than not, pray to the saint for their wishes will be fulfilled. The barbed wire highlights the unstable security situation in the city and country. The photographs also manage to capture quite aptly the general street culture of the city as well as the ongoing use of animals as a means of transportation.

Pakistan 4_small

Pakistan 2_small

Pakistan 3_small

Interestingly enough, the poster did more than I had imagined. As I was taking pictures after hanging it, a couple of the bystanders asked me to photograph them standing next to the poster, which was rather amusing.

Pakistan 1_small

I did go back twenty-four hours later, but the poster was gone. After taking some pictures of the site again, I inquired about the poster from a boy sitting on a chair adjacent to the site. He told me someone came last night and took the poster. The vendor opposite the wall who overheard me ask the boy verified this and then offered me some tea.

Pakistan Panorama

This post is part of the International Street Chair Pop-Up Show.

Installation, photos, and post by Marium Gul

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