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Sound Sunday: 32 Scrambled Eggs

32 Scrambled Eggs on Soundcloud.

Sound Sunday: 32 Scrambled Eggs

Night duties at the Harvard Square homeless shelter.

Every morning at the Harvard Square homeless shelter, volunteers crack and scramble thirty-two eggs for overnight shelter guest’s breakfasts. The cooking is done in batches so the mixture doesn’t slosh all over the stove. Young college kids man the griddle, standing with metal spatulas and enthusiastic grins at the ready. The breakfast of eggs, pancakes, and day-old bagels is consistent – always a substantial spread of carbohydrates and caffeinated beverages. There’s a sense of security in the room as volunteers prepare food and guests prepare their plates, a calm hush as everyone goes about their individual morning routines. People seem to be mentally absorbed in the process of preparing to go out and face the world. The shelter – you can feel it – is a place of safety, refuge, and escape for everyone, even if only for short amounts of time.

Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Sound, photo, and text by Meghan Roguschka.

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