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TV for Sale

Istanbul_ManTV_small For Sale, March 2009

Three corners down past the Kebab House I saw the mark of demolition, common in the older sections of the city. But what struck me was the TV standing in front of the corrugated steel fence, nearly saying this is reality TV. The armature of the Caterpillar excavator just pulled up as an old man turned the corner. The dust from the site cast a haze over the buildings behind. Upon closer inspection, the TV was for sale, as was probably everything else behind the wall.

Linda Ciesielski is a recent graduate of the MIT’s Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning, where she received her Masters in City Planning with a focus in Environmental Policy and Planning. She received a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University in 2005. This trip was her first time in Istanbul. For further inquiries about the work please contact

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