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in Mel King Community Fellows, Mondragon

Welcome to Basque Country

This post is one in a series documenting cooperative businesses from Mondragón, Spain, home to a 100,000 employee-strong worker-owned cooperative.

Impressions/Images (July 16-17th)

I thought I was coming to Spain, but actually I was coming to Basque Country — fiercely independent and yet a cohesive community amidst the mountains, sea, vineyards, and town, with the sun and a gentle mist that turns to torrents of rain.

No one knows the origins of the language spoken here.  As some say, perhaps, it, they, are from Atlantis.

A View of Mondragon Cooperative Network (July  16)

Only images in the mind and one story, from a friend who teaches at Mondragon University – I was basking in a long lunch and his story. We had vegetable pureed soup, duck with applesauce, mocha flan, and espresso decaffeinated.  Si, food puts us all at one table.

Our group and the Mondragon “economic democracy” Experience

We have many common bonds, goals, and expectations – but one important one derived thus far: We all believe that every person deserves a “piece of the rock” – ownership.

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