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What is one action you’re willing to take to align your work with what our country needs right now?

Individuals, groups, and organizations around the country are making values statements to clarify where they stand in light of the recent election of Donald Trump. Many of these statements are built on words, ideas, and ideologies. These public statements of value are necessary and CoLab staff have participated in many of these public statements.

We also think there is something powerful about being able to see the each others faces and commitments to action. Ideology is an important foundation and it’s action that makes ideology come to life. As we continue to stand against oppression and fascism, one question some of us have asked ourselves is:

What is one action I’m willing to take to align my work with what our country needs right now?

If you’re interested in making a public statement and showing your face along with it, see the examples below, and make commitment and photo of your own. Feel free to pair up with a friend and take each other’s photos if selfies aren’t your thing.

Share it with us via email at and/or on Twitter with the hashtag #OneAction. We’ll create a collage with as many photos as are submitted.


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