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Beached Ice on the Charles

When I have a little extra time I walk to work along the Charles River. I walk close to the river because then I can hear both the water lapping and Storrow Drive roaring at once. The water sounds like vacation but the cars sound like work. No matter the time of day, Storrow Drive is always louder than the Charles.

Fresh Eye Friday: Beached Ice on the Charles

The edge of the Charles River

The Charles looked frozen solid during the February deep freeze, but after a second day of 50° weather it was a water river again. A few massive ice chunks floated in the middle and thousands of small ones broke and crashed against the shore. The wind pushed ice chunks to the Boston bank. When I got close enough to take these photos, I couldn’t hear anything but the ice breaking against itself and the rocks, one wave after another. For once, the Charles was louder than Storrow Drive.

Fresh Eye Friday: Beached Ice on the Charles

Breaking ice along the Esplanade

Alexa Mills lives and works in Boston, and has recently been fascinated by sound in the city.

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