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Old Homestead

Old Homestead Simplicity in Appalachia.

Photo and post by Rustina Mullins. Rustina is not originally from the mountains, but their beauty inspires her. She has lived in the Appalachian Mountains for thirteen years and still finds more things worth seeing. With photography, she aims to find a scene that is peaceful and relaxing and wants to share with more people the sites that have captured her heart and show viewers that there is more to the world around them. Rustina is the wife of the thoughtful coal miner.

2 responses to “Old Homestead”

  1. Christina says:

    What a beautiful photograph. I wish that I could run down that hill! Thanks to you and your husband for sharing all of your tremendously moving stories and images of Appalachia.

  2. Rustina Mullins says:

    We appreciate everyone who has veiwed our blogs. Thank you.