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What are the greatest opportunities for change in cities?

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Cities are changing fast, posing risks and create opportunities for innovation. Engaged scholars together with community activists can help to understand change in cities and improve policy and planning outcomes. What kind of research is helpful? What are some of the challenges scholars and community activists working together face? CoLab and U.R.B.A.N. (Urban Research-Based Action Network) want to know.

What are the greatest opportunities for change in cities?

CoLab distributing this particular card at the 2011 Urban Affairs Association conference in New Orleans. Any person, group, or institution can ask a postcard question. Email if you would like to make one.

2 responses to “What are the greatest opportunities for change in cities?”

  1. Alexa Mills says:

    I think vacant lots present an opportunity. Although most lots are vacant for pretty bad reasons (jobs have left town, foreclosure, et cetera) there should be some great ways to use them. I liked this op-ed about possibilities for Philadelphia’s vacant lots

  2. Aditi says:

    I think a city’s youth population is the greatest opportunity for change…it is these young people’s values, visions, and talents that will shape the places they inhabit.